EWEC - Q. Coffee: A Renowned Coffee Roasting Brand

With its distinctive, delicious, and appealing roasted coffee flavor, EWEC - Q. Coffee, founded by Mr. Quy, has made a unique mark in the coffee market, especially in roasted coffee products in Quang Tri.

EWEC - Q. Coffee: A Renowned Coffee Roasting Brand

When mentioning one of the famous coffee brands in Quang Tri, you can’t overlook the EWEC - Q. Coffee roasting brand. In recent years, EWEC - Q. Coffee, founded by Mr. Quy, has gained the affection of consumers and coffee enthusiasts here. With its distinctive, delicious, and appealing roasted coffee flavor, this brand has made a unique mark in the coffee market, especially in roasted coffee products in Quang Tri.

Whole roasted coffee beans packaged

Behind the success of the EWEC - Q. Coffee brand is a long journey of effort and dedication by Mr. Bui Ba Quy, the founder and owner of the brand. He has always dreamed of creating a coffee brand with its own distinctive flavor, deeply imbued with the identity of this land, and spreading this special flavor to international friends.

Mr. Quy explaining how to use the coffee moisture meter

Originating from Passion

Mr. Quy was once a coffee farmer in Huong Hoa. From a young age, he was taught valuable experiences by his parents in caring for and harvesting high-quality coffee beans.

It was his passion for coffee and the desire to bring excellent coffee products that drove him to continuously learn and enhance his skills. He researched and studied advanced roasting techniques to retain the delicious flavor of coffee.

Dedication and Effort in Building the Brand

With relentless dedication and effort, Mr. Quy gradually built the EWEC - Q. Coffee brand. What makes EWEC - Q. Coffee different is the combination of high-quality Quang Tri specialty coffee beans and a delicate roasting process, bringing a rich flavor deeply imbued with local identity.

EWEC - Q. Coffee roasted coffee brand logo

The Journey of Building the Brand

With a burning passion, Mr. Quy and the EWEC team have continuously learned, researched, and improved roasting techniques. The journey of building the EWEC - Q. Coffee brand began in Huong Hoa – a fertile land for coffee. With favorable climate and soil conditions, Huong Hoa produces excellent quality coffee beans, which are the main raw materials for the EWEC - Q. Coffee roasting brand.

Huong Hoa – A Fertile Land for Coffee

Coffee growing region in Huong Hoa

Climate and Soil Conditions

Huong Hoa has a typical tropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature ranging from 22°C to 27°C. These conditions are very favorable for the growth and development of coffee trees.

Moreover, Huong Hoa is blessed with fertile alluvial soil, rich in nutrients, very suitable for coffee cultivation. This is a decisive factor for the excellent quality of coffee beans here.

Cultivation and Care Techniques

In addition to favorable climate and soil conditions, the residents of Huong Hoa apply advanced coffee cultivation and care techniques, passed down from generation to generation. They always focus on ensuring requirements for moisture, soil, pruning, and fertilizing coffee trees.

Coffee beans and coffee flowers

These techniques have helped Huong Hoa coffee beans have a distinctive, delicious, and rich flavor, becoming a precious raw material for the EWEC - Q. Coffee brand.

The Roasting Process – Precision in Every Bean

At EWEC - Q. Coffee, the roasting process is carried out with high precision and professionalism. The coffee beans are roasted at appropriate temperatures and times, then finely ground and flavored to create a rich, delicious taste.

With many years of experience in coffee cultivation and processing, Mr. Quy has created a sophisticated roasting process that retains the full delicious flavor of the coffee.

Key Steps in the ProcessDescription
Selecting Quality BeansThe first difference is in the selection of raw materials. Mr. Quy only uses high-quality coffee beans harvested from his own coffee garden in Huong Hoa. This is an important step to ensure that EWEC - Q. Coffee always delivers an excellent flavor to the drinker.
Meticulous Roasting ProcessAfter selecting the raw materials, the roasting process is also meticulously cared for by Mr. Quy. He uses modern roasting machines, adjusting the temperature and roasting time appropriately, ensuring that the coffee beans do not burn and retain their distinctive, delicate flavor.
Brewing MethodsNot only stopping at the roasting process, but Mr. Quy also focuses on coffee brewing methods. By combining high-quality roasted coffee with unique brewing methods, EWEC - Q. Coffee has created rich, delicious, and appealing coffee cups.

Advantages of EWEC - Q. Coffee

Roasted coffee is always highly rated for its quality and flavor compared to pre-ground coffee. And EWEC - Q. Coffee is no exception, offering many outstanding advantages.

  • Exceptional Flavor
three coffee bags with labels EWEC-Q COFFEE and CA PHE HAT

With a meticulous roasting process and unique brewing techniques, EWEC - Q. Coffee brings an exceptional, rich, and unforgettable flavor. Every drop of coffee when enjoyed is a new experience, making the drinker continuously explore and enjoy.

  • Variety of Flavors

EWEC - Q. Coffee does not stop at one type of coffee bean but offers a variety of flavors for consumers to choose from. From lightly bitter Arabica, strong Robusta, to unique blended coffee, this brand always meets the needs and preferences of everyone.

Coffee beans after preliminary processing 1 Coffee beans after preliminary processing 2 Roasted Robusta coffee beans

Vision and Mission

The mission of EWEC - Q. Coffee is not just about providing delicious coffee, but also about spreading love and care through each product to every customer. The brand always prioritizes the benefits of consumers, bringing them the best coffee experiences.

Coffee being brewed with a phin filter

With a long-term vision, EWEC - Q. Coffee aims to become one of the leading coffee brands in Vietnam, trusted and loved by consumers both domestically and internationally. The brand continually develops and innovates to bring high-quality products that meet the increasing market demands.

EWEC's packaged coffee beans - Q. Coffee

Contact Information and Address

Customers are welcome to visit Mr. Quy’s roasting facility to experience the entire process from coffee bean to cup firsthand.

  • Address: 12 Nguyen Thi Ly, Ward 5, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

  • Phone: +84 869 834 555


With burning passion and relentless effort, the EWEC - Q. Coffee roasting brand has affirmed its position in the hearts of consumers. The combination of high quality and distinctive flavor has made the EWEC - Q. Coffee brand increasingly popular and loved by many coffee enthusiasts.


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