Công Nguyên Coffee

Công Nguyên Coffee aims to become a trusted brand for high-quality artisan coffee from Buon Me Thuot, committed to delivering sustainable value to both the community and consumers.

Công Nguyên Coffee

Công Nguyên Coffee, a coffee brand from Hue City, has gradually established its position in the Vietnamese coffee market. This brand stands out for its high-quality handcrafted coffee and its noble mission: bringing delicious coffee from the Buon Me Thuot highlands and creating job opportunities for the youth in the Hue lagoon region. The journey of Công Nguyên Coffee is a story of the harmonious blend of passion, social responsibility, and aspiration for growth, contributing to local economic development and improving the quality of life for the community.

Aspiring for Distinction: Công Nguyên Coffee Originates from the Heart of Hue

Hailing from a region renowned for its rich culinary culture and excellent coffee, Hue holds immense potential in the coffee industry. However, Công Nguyên Coffee chose a unique path to establish its distinctiveness: marrying tradition with modernity, sourcing high-quality coffee beans from the Buon Me Thuot highlands and implementing a comprehensive production process to ensure food safety.

Driven by fervent passion and a deep sense of responsibility for their homeland, the founders of Công Nguyên Coffee – led by Mr. Châu Văn Công – took significant steps, marking the beginning of their success story. Leveraging their accumulated knowledge and experience in coffee roasting, they produce high-quality coffee beans, preserving the distinctive flavor of coffee from the Buon Me Thuot highlands. Presently, the coffee roasting facility of Công Nguyên Coffee is located in Huong Vinh, north of Hue City.

Logo of Công Nguyên Coffee

Journey of Coffee Bean Selection: Meticulousness and Dedication

Công Nguyên Coffee uses coffee beans from the Buon Me Thuot region. To create the highest quality coffee beans, Công Nguyên Coffee ensures that the selection process adheres to strict standards, from soil care and harvesting to production, aiming to preserve the purity and delicious flavor of the coffee.

With passion and dedication to their craft, the technicians at Công Nguyên Coffee are meticulous in every step, from selecting coffee beans to roasting. This meticulous care and attention have created the unique quality of Công Nguyên Coffee, making each cup a testament to the team’s dedication, passion, and wholehearted commitment.

The journey of growing coffee beans

Noble Mission: Creating Job Opportunities for Hue’s Youth

Công Nguyên Coffee not only focuses on coffee production and business but also has a noble mission to create job opportunities for the youth in the lagoon regions of Hue. With the aim of training and providing employment for local youths, the company not only helps them secure stable jobs but also equips them with practical skills in coffee production and processing. This not only ensures the production of high-quality products but also enhances the quality of the local workforce.

Elevating Artisan Coffee: Công Nguyên Coffee Diversifies with Different Coffee Beans

Công Nguyên Coffee offers the most popular coffee beans: Robusta and Arabica. While most of our products focus on Robusta beans with their bold flavor and high caffeine content, we also cater to the needs of those who appreciate the sophistication of Arabica beans. For our Blend line, Công Nguyên Coffee is ready to provide Arabica beans upon request, offering perfect and unique blends for each palate.

coffee beans of công nguyên coffee

Not only focusing on using quality ingredients, Công Nguyên Coffee also invests heavily in the coffee roasting process to ensure the preservation of the fresh and bold flavor of coffee. With modern techniques and an experienced staff, each coffee bean is meticulously roasted and ground through a comprehensive process, creating delicious and distinctive cups of coffee.

Sustainable Mission: Contributing to Community Stability and Local Economic Development

With a high sense of social responsibility, Công Nguyên Coffee not only contributes to improving the quality of life for the community through job creation but also participates in local economic development. By harnessing and building an integrated coffee production process, the company helps localities strengthen their income sources from the coffee industry and create high-value products, contributing to the sustainability of the local economy.


The Công Nguyên Coffee brand has become a symbol of trust and prestige, beloved by many coffee consumers in Central Vietnam, especially in Hue. With a passion and love for coffee, Công Nguyên Coffee continuously enhances the quality of its products, creating cups of coffee with unique and distinctive flavors.

For Công Nguyên Coffee, each cup of coffee is not just a product but the result of dedication and meticulous care of every coffee bean. Công Nguyên Coffee will continue to win the hearts of consumers and become the pride of the people of Hue, bringing the flavor of Vietnamese coffee further onto the world map.


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