PhinHolic - Hands-on coffee garden experience tour in A Luoi

Join the tour to experience the process of growing, processing, roasting, and tasting coffee in Hue, Vietnam.

PhinHolic - Hands-on coffee garden experience tour in A Luoi

After 7 years of developing and nurturing the A Luoi coffee farm, it is now time to open the farm for coffee enthusiasts to visit and experience. PhinHolic, AROMA Training Center, and Greenfields Coffee are looking for organizations and individuals with experience in tourism to implement the A Luoi coffee experience activities. This initiative aims to promote local specialties and contribute to the economic development of the region, where many ethnic minorities still face significant challenges.

Join PhinHolic in a sensory adventure of local coffee in A Luoi - Hue at the “A Luoi Specialty Coffee Festival” - An excellent experience for coffee enthusiasts, featuring special flavors for the first time.

coffee farmer harvesting coffee beans
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Winding through the cloud-covered, sunlit, and cool climate roads of A Luoi, the approximately 3.5-hectare coffee farm welcomes visitors with a stunning view. Together, we will walk through the farm to see over 10,000 lush coffee trees in bloom and bearing fruit. Returning to the city, we will bring the ripe coffee cherries to the processing area and the coffee roasting process at one of the largest roasting facilities in the central region.

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A group of hikers stands at the base of a majestic mountain
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Coffee experts will guide you on:

  • Different coffee tree varieties and their growing conditions;

  • Coffee processing experiences (during the harvest season);

  • Coffee roasting experiences at the roasting facility or farm;

  • Camping and enjoying A Luoi coffee;

  • Instructions on making Hue salted coffee;

  • Enjoying A Luoi highland specialties at local farm households.

A serene moment of coffee indulgence amidst the tranquility of a mountain forest
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The tour program will be professionally conducted in both Vietnamese and English. The experience activities will take place in Hue city and the farm (during blooming, fruiting, and harvesting seasons).

The tour is expected to officially launch in June 2024. For more details, you can visit PhinHolic coffee here.


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